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Cooking With Beer – Saison Du Buff

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On my way home from work last tuesday I decided to stop by the super market and grab a couple of london broils.  When I got them home I had no idea what to put on them as a marinade.  Salt, pepper and other spices get old after a while.  I have a few Saison Du Buff's laying around, 4 to be exact and I figured why not marinate a steak in that.  The beer it self as such a floral smell, it should be perfect for a steak.  Long story short I did not marinate that long maybe 3 hours if that.  I would try it again with smaller steaks and letting them sit longer, maybe over night in the bag with some fresh spices.  So we sprinkled it with some salt and tossed it the grill.  About 15 min later we this.
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The steak was real juicy and you could taste the beer here and there.  What really set it off was the Butter Sauce with Garlic, Tarragon and Thyme that our fellow contributor Jared whipped up.
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And of course I had a good beer for the occasion.  A Nugget Single from Mikkeller and this was a real treat.  I at first sniff I was hit in the face with hops and citrus having a quick sip It was a little bitter but then the hops and citrus flavors come out and finishing very dry but crisp.  I was hoping for more of a Nugget Nectar as I assume most buying this would expect. Is it worth $$? No, but I will definitely get this brew again in the near future!

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