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North Jersey HomeBrew – Sparta, NJ

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I am not to familiar with home brewing. Since so many of my friends do it, I really have no need to invest the time myself. I just sit back and document the experience when it presents it self and of course sample the final product. I do feel as a beer lover, it is something I should get into though. Even more so since the opening of a new home brew shop in my back yard. Of course, I'm referring to North Jersey Home Brew which recently opened it's doors to the home brewers and wine makers of Northern New Jersey - Sussex County.

Owners, Scott and Mike, were brewing one day when a piece of their equipment failed. At the time, the closest spot to go to was 45 minutes away. Instead of trekking out to either one of these home brew spots, both of which have limited selections for beer making.

It was at this point, Scott and Mike decided it would be a good idea to  open up their own beer and wine making store. Lets face it, everyone knows somebody that home brews. Once a niche hobby, home brewing is now growing rapidly and I think most locals will agree, it's nice to have somewhere to turn other than internet orders.

6045932775 1375f026c5 z North Jersey HomeBrew   Sparta, NJ North Jersey HomeBrew has all the necessary means to brew up a batch of beer, whether your an experienced brewer or just looking to start getting into the hobby. Although, our focus is obviously beer, North Jersey HomeBrew has a nice selection of home wine making items stocked as well.
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Accidentally step on an air lock during your brew day? Got the itch to brew more and need an extra carboy? Whether you're replacing gear or picking up something new, North Jersey HomeBrew has a solid choice of products for all of your fermentation needs.

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If you're not serving your home brew in kegs (or recycling!) you can pick up some fresh, label free bottles to fill up with your favorite home made libation.6046446606 22e6986238 z North Jersey HomeBrew   Sparta, NJ

If you've never made beer before, a good place to start is with a recipe kit. There is an endless variety of Brewers Best extract kits with specialty grains in stock. At the moment, the Summer Ale kit has been the best seller, but with the upcoming cooler months I'm sure that will change rapidly.
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If extract brewing isn't your thing or you have some recipes of your own you'd like to try out, there is an abundant inventory of malts - including, specialty grains as well as bulk base malts if you're an all grain brewer.
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If you haven't figured it out yet, North Jersey HomeBrew is an all in one go to source for all your zymurgy needs. They stock a full size refrigerator/freezer full of a variety of  liquid / dry yeasts as well as all types of European & US hops, including the latest American variety, Citra.

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If you're into brewing extreme beers, spiced brews, Belgian style beers, or flavoring your home brew, there are plenty of adjuncts available to choose from.
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Scott and Mike make an effort to encourage current brewers and attract new ones with on site demonstrations, intending to brew a batch every Saturday.

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A few weeks ago, local home brewers, Micksin Brewing, were brewing a 10 gallon batch of Belgian Pale Ale for an upcoming home brew competition. Recently, the guys won a medal at the Sussex County Fair for their Coconut Porter. Best of luck on the future competitions!

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So, whether you're just starting to home brew or you need to pick up ingredients for your  tried and true house beer, North Jersey HomeBrew is your spot in the greater Northwest Jersey area. With an impressive stock of products on the shelves, the combined knowledge and level of customer service, and desire to serve you better, we don't think you'll have any problems supporting your new local home brew shop.

-Adam and Brian

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  1. Scott and Mike have put together a very nice shop for home brewers of beer and wine. Make sure you take time to drop in and say Hi, and try to spend your money close to home.

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better myself! Great guys, great shop – Absolutely worth supporting!

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