Following up on the written article from two weeks ago we are excited to share the film we did with Carton Brewing and Iron Heart Canning. As you may have read Iron Heart is a mobile canning service that has a gypsy nature to it, they roll in their equipment, hook up to bright tanks and make canning magic. Mobile canning is going to become a fast growing segment for the craft beer industry getting small breweries like Carton Brewing into package way ahead of schedule. All around this is a great project for everyone involved and we were happy to document how it all went down. This is our first canning video and we are proud to have done it with our good friends at Carton and look forward to many pint cans of Boat Beer in the future. Enjoy the film and cheers.



Can By Line
Yesterday I had the pleasure of documenting the canning of the first craft beer in New Jersey with Iron Heart Canning. Iron Heart Canning is a new business venture that provides mobile canning solutions helping small breweries to grow their businesses and offer other mediums of serving their beer besides draft and bottles. A lot of breweries are looking into canning as an option these days, draft only breweries like Carton with the help of companies like Iron Heart are able to can up their beer right at the source with no quality sacrificed. I say this because some breweries contract their canning because they don’t have the space for their own line or just cannot afford the system to do so. Continue reading “FIRST CANNED CRAFT BEER IN JERSEY”