Here is some beer content long overdue. Brian and I finally bumbled our way down to Lambertville, NJ, so as to tour the esteemed River Horse Brewery. I’ve been pestering Brian about this trip, having been engaged in a sordid affair with their Tripel Horse for quite a while now. I couldn’t be happier with the result – an afternoon spent in the company of some of New Jersey’s finest beer crafters, who were more than happy to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with us. If I come off as like some shameless fan-boy, well… if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s probably a mallard. Continue reading “RIVER HORSE BREWING COMPANY”


Last Wednesday we took a trip up to a little place called Salt – a gastro pub serving up food and beer for locals of Sussex County, New Jersey. I had heard so much about the place over the past year, and was intrigued by stories of a great beer selection and a menu filled with awesome dishes. The afternoon was quiet, overcast, and a bit chill; it was the sort of day best spent indoors with a cold drink and a hot plate. Continue reading “SALT”


Continuing along the journey in Jersey City, my second stop was the famous Barcade. Originally opened in Brooklyn, with a passion for classic arcade games and American craft beer came great success, and it was decided that they would open two more locations. Residents of New Jersey are lucky enough to have one of the new locations in the bustling urban setting of Jersey City, while the beer drinkers in and around Philly received the second. Continue reading “BARCADE JERSEY CITY”


New Jersey’s Atlantic Highlands is home to one of the Garden State’s freshest production breweries - Carton Brewing. Situated just a few blocks inland of the Sandy Hook Bay in an unmarked and repurposed 100+ year old red brick building, these guys are churning out signature beers. They are driven by a passion for quality food & drink, an enthusiasm that translates throughout their beer. Continue reading “CARTON BREWING COMPANY”