Can you remember the first time you had a black IPA? I know I remember mine and being a little obsessed with the idea at first. Here you have a black, roasty beer with the hop profile of a traditional American IPA. Visually, my mind could barely wrap around the idea of a “Black IPA”, but my palate sure could. Upon looking up some facts about the Black IPA style I came across a fellow by the name of Greg Noonan and a little story about one of the first craft breweries here in the US. Long story short (you can read the story below) Greg Noonan and fellow brewer Glenn Walter created this magnificent recipe in 1994 and set a trend for the Black IPA today. It seems every brewery is making their version but only one is paying homage to it’s creator – ¬†Smuttynose Brewing Company from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Continue reading “SMUTTYNOSE BREWING COMPANY NOONAN”