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Last Wednesday we took a trip up to a little place called Salt - a gastro pub serving up food and beer for locals of Sussex County, New Jersey. I had heard so much about the place over the past year, and was intrigued by stories of a great beer selection and a menu filled with awesome dishes. The afternoon was quiet, overcast, and a bit chill; it was the sort of day best spent indoors with a cold drink and a hot plate.

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A little information about the establishment and its surroundings that I thought was cool.

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Salt is not a massive restaurant but instead a cozy place that gives off a comfortable vibe with an eclectic decor of classical sculpture, license plates, and vintage sign-posts. Even the bathroom had some tattoo art hanging on the walls.

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The main dinning room seats quite a few people and continues the decorating motif. You will have to take more than one visit to check out all the neat stuff that is hanging around.

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We found lots of salt shaker art hanging around, depicting the subject in a variety of styles.

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There were a lot of NYC related items around. I thought this was a neat piece they had hanging in the window.

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As promised, they had a great beer selection, with 6 rotating taps and huge bottle selections of all different styles. If you aren't into the beer don't worry because there is an equal amount of liquor and wine to choose from as well.

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I am not a huge fan of Leinenkugel but when Big Eddy's Russian Imperial Stout is on the menu, best believe I am going to order it.

6433426801 4b16bb086a z Beer Bar   SALTSuch an awesome saying.

6433426009 953aaf805c z Beer Bar   SALTWe had to have some food to go with the delicious beer. Steve went for the bangers and mash. "O-kay, who'd like a banger in the mouth?"

6433426459 300a8df8aa z Beer Bar   SALTI went for the hanger steak. Both dishes were excellent and provided the nourishment needed to have another beer.

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Steve was in the mood for a Belgian beer and went for a bottle of Palm while I went for a glass of winter the seasonal from Great Divide, Hibernation Ale. Two brews no beer drinker should pass up.

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We couldn't be happier with the result of our trip - true gastric satisfaction. If any of you happen to find yourselves on the highways and byways of Byram, NJ, don't hesitate to make a stop here at Salt, either for the bar or a table. We'll definitely be back.

SALT A Gastro Pub


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