You are probably wondering why I am featuring a wine piece. I said I wanted to do things different here and this is some of that different. We have been consuming cans of beer, cider and god knows what else all our lives and now we have wine. Shout out to Frank Reynolds and his innovations. We can now sneak our favorite grape drinks into movie theaters, take them on hikes, the possibilities are endless.

There is a lot of canned wine out there but here are a few brands I have been drinking over the past few months.

Bridge Lane – Lieb Cellars brand, Bridge Lane is one of my favorites. They currently are the only winery on Long Island canning and have 5 skus altogether. No matter what wine taste you may have, they have something for everyone.

Speaking of Long Island. You can’t not mention Wolffer. Although this is not wine I had to mention their Rose and White ciders as they are refreshing and have some of the coolest packaging ever. Fingers crossed we see their Rose in cans down the road.

Archer Roose – These are some of my favorite cans as well. Bringing in wine from around the world, Archer Roose has taken canned wine to the next level. Where most are hitting the market seasonally. They will keep the wine flowing year round with a variety of skus.

Benmarl Winery – Americas oldest vineyard is early to the game of canning wine in New York state, rolling out 3 brands immediately and has big plans for 2019.

Villa Bellangelo – Branching off from his standard wines. Co-Owner, Chris Missick started a completely new brand and is the first Finger Lakes Winery to can in the history of the area.

Lakewood – Not too far down the road on Seneca Lake. Lakewood Vineyards rolled out their sparkling Rose with plans for other projects in the near future.

Shelburne Vineyard – Another alpine Winery that has just did their second round of canning is Shelburne Vineyards. With great success on their capsize white they added their rose cans to the mix this year. Both can be purchased here.

William Heritage – I was on hand for the canning of this one and it was a pleasure to be onsite for NJ’s first canned wine. The folks at William Heritage have always been ahead of the curve. Their Rose is spectacular and a great wine for any season.

Alloy Wine Works – I have been following Field Recording and Alloy Wine Works for a while now. The wines always seem interesting and they are for certain the most unique canned wines out there. I have had dry hopped wines from them, reds with coffee and most recently this Chardonnay. Fermented on peaches this wine screams summer but can find its place in anywhere. especially with dessert. Buy it online here and thank me later.

West and Wilder – Not too familiar with this company but damn was it a good purchase right off the shelf. Neat packaging with a quality Rose to back it up.

Get out there and start trying some canned wine.



Took a little trip to Firestone Walkers, Barrelworks a couple weeks back. Amazing food and all the great beer you can shake a stick it. I must pit stop if you are on your way to the main facility. Thanks to my pal Jeffers for setting everything up and whole staff for their hospitality. Enjoy the set.



I have been aiming to get a piece up about Industrial Arts for a while. They are great friends of mine and one of the best beer makers in New York State. If you have had their liquid then you know what I am talking about. Everything from Metric Pilsner to the popular juice bomb, Wrench. Industrial has staked its claim with local drinkers and has big plans for the future.

The place is something to see. Their brew house shares a space with their tasting room and is process piped over to the tank farm where all the fermentation and packaging takes place.

They can a ton of beer here and it was great to have a wrench fresh off the line.

The man behind it all, Jeff O’Neil, aka Chief.

As I mentioned the tasting room is essentially the brewery. A very cool experience.

Thanks to the whole Industrial gang for having me out. Its a pleasure drinking your beers and I look forward to many more.



If you know me, you know I am a hip hop head, I like beer and a few other things that shall remain nameless. When things I like are paired together I get a certain feeling especially with music. Getting to the point of this piece I have found the perfect bar that serves up fresh beer and killer beats. Allow me to introduce, BierWax. Continue reading “BIERWAX”