When our website first started up we did a little piece on a collaboration beer called My Antonia, and I feel it is time to revisit this magnificent lager. The beer was originally brewed outside of Rome (in October of 2008) by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Leo DeVencenzo of Birra Del Borgo. Around 2010, Sam decided to brew it state-side so as to provide all us beer nerds a chance to sample this imperial pilsner. Continue reading “BIRRA DEL BORGO MY ANTONIA”



Everytime my Aunt and Uncle from Delaware visit, they bring me a sixer of Dogfish Head brew. Not that we don’t get it around here, but there is one particular year round release from them that we don’t receive in New Jersey – Shelter Pale Ale. Originally brewed in 1995 and exclusively available to the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, this is the beer that started it all for Dogfish Head. As you’re already aware, we don’t get this beer in the Garden State, which I find a little odd given the hype of Dogfish Head beers these days.  I feel this beer would do very well in this state – anywhere, really. It is a great brew: well balanced, light and full of flavor. To those seeking some Shelter Pale Ale, I am sorry, but you’ll have to take a trek to Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to get your sample. Thanks for the six pack Uncle Rob! Also thanks to my friend Mike for the DFH glass and backdrop at his bar.

Dogfish Head