Al East Coast Yeast

When you hang around breweries as much as I do, you never know who you may come across. You may meet another blogger, another brewer but how often do you get to meet a yeast maker? On my trip to Flounder Brewing a few weeks back I was introduced to Al Buck from East Coast Yeast. He is a bit under the radar and is working closely with a few breweries all over the country, procuring yeast cultures of all magnitudes with everything from ale yeasts to funky sour cultures. One of the coolest things about Al is he has the original Ballantine strain which has found it’s way back to New Jersey via Flounder’s Hill Street Honey Ale. Continue reading “EAST COAST YEAST”


What a relief! To finally have a home-brew shop within convenient driving distance… this is truly the stuff of fantasy. Located on the slopes of nearby Boonton, Cask & Kettle is a haven for homebrewers.  It is the perfect spot for beginners and veterans alike. Cask & Kettle stock their shelves full of the highest quality ingredients and equipment;  superb organization make finding what you need a breeze. Continue reading “CASK & KETTLE HOME BREW”