Here is a short film we made for our friends over at Mohawk House from a recent event they put on with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. With such a wide portfolio of beers, Dogfish Head took over 18 of the 50 taps at Mohawk House for the evening and brought in a stellar crowd.
We sat down with our local Dogfish Head representative, Nick Vitalo to talk about the evening and some of his thoughts on craft beer and the Mohawk House. Enjoy the film. Continue reading “DOGFISH HEAD AT MOHAWK HOUSE”


Two weeks ago we took a trip up to our local watering hole Mohawk House for a Great Lakes Brewing Kick Off Party. Instead of bringing you the typical photography spiel we decided to cut a video together letting Mark Weinmenn from Great Lakes tell us a bit about the brewery and their excitement of finally tapping into the North Jersey market. I am personally excited to have their beers available and look forward to their more seasonal releases in the months to come. Congratulations to Great Lakes and Kohler on the launch, the beer drinkers of New Jersey thank you.

Great Lakes Brewing Company



Beer dinners are on the rise, it seems like more and more bars and restaurants are putting them on with some of our countries finest craft breweries. Back in December we attended a very special beer dinner at one our favorite restaurants, Mohawk House. I say it was a special beer dinner because the brewery being featured was Brooklyn Brewery. As you all know, their brewmaster Garrett Oliver is world renowned both as a beer maker and author of books such The Brewmasters Table and The Oxford Companion To Beer. He does about 200 beer dinners a year and it was a real treat to sit down and talk with him about the marriage of food and beer. Enjoy this short film as we interview Mohawk House employees Peter Sudol and Executive Chef Ken Salmon as well as Mike Ferry from Brooklyn Brewery and of course Garrett Oliver.

Brooklyn Brewery
Mohawk House