I got this neat little piece in the mail the other day from the folks over at Total Beverage Solutions in South Carolina. Announcing their 2nd Annual Affligem Pouring Ritual Contest, Affligem is excited to share this gift with over 100 consumers with an offering for a grand prize trip to Belgium to visit the Affligem brewery. Seeing as we are in the photography game it was a no brainer that we put together this post to the display Affligem beer, the yeast tray that it came with and over all thoughts of the beer.

Affligem 2

Affligem 3

When I first opened the box I had no idea what the small glass was for. Im the kind to skip reading directions and just open everything up and try piece it together myself.

Affligem 5
After reading the neat insert card and the nice letter from Petrus Van Der Elst I had a full understanding of what I had in front of me and the importance of the both glasses and the tray.

Affligem 4
Looks like the gang is all here lets pour up some Affligem Blond.

Affligem 6
Heeding the words of the info car I poured the beer until I had about ten percent of the bottle left which was to be poured into the smaller glass.

Affligem 7
Affligem 8
The neat thing about the small glass is that you have the ability to add a little or a lot of the yeast to your beer pour. Some many beers I have had where the sediment on the bottom has just gone to waste, I thought this was a neat aspect to this packaging and will make me think twice about pouring out sediment in the future.

Affligem 9
Affligem 1
There is nothing like a nice refreshing blonde ale on a 90 degree day. I opted not to put the yeast in the glass and have it separate on the side to get the flavor it had to offer. This was a neat beer to play around with a photograph and I can’t thank Affligem enough for sending this out to us. You can check out Affligem’s facebook to see others that are celebrating the Affligem Pouring Ritual this year here