Penned in alongside other establishments of the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, The Hopping Pig is as fine a destination as any for the famished and parched among us. Brian and I stumbled in by chance during our first venture downtown that week. Despite the early hour, we were met with friendly and able service (and some damn fine beer).

All the stores in the Gaslamp Quarter have these historic placards. It is quite neat to see what used to occupy the building.

A great selection of brews here, with lots of local stuff as well as some imports.

Casse went for the Lagunitas IPA, claiming he had to have it on the West Coast. Such an amazing beer.

The Hopping Pig serves typical pub fare with great deals for lunch.

A fresh tap set up. The Hopping Pig had recently moved into this building as they outgrew their previous location down the street.

I take comfort in this saying.

They also have a great bottle selection from around the world.

Although we were there a bit early to judge, the breadth of the bar and the high ceilings suggested the space is very likely still comfortable even at capacity. Note also the massive windows flanking the doorway, left open so as not to shut out the city.

The Hopping Pig is just one of the many awesome beer bars you can check out in down-town San Diego. They are constantly rotating their taps so who knows what you will see on your visit.

The Hopping Pig