The Bruery Shegoat 1

There are a lot of malty beers out there and they come in many forms. Some of my favorites come from the lager family and a lot of them are of German descent. One of the best German style lager’s out there is the Weizenbock and those looking for an authentic malt forward beer can really enjoy this sort of brew. A recent beer haul from our friend Erik at Getting Dark Beer Blog landed us a bottle of The Bruery’s take on the Weizenbock and man were we excited to try it.

This particular beer was an original recipe of Patrick Rue’s from his home brewing days, winning and taking home many awards, they decided to put the beer into their preservation series and distributed locally in California. As I said these beers are very malt forward and while it may be pretty straight forward for the style, it is full of flavor and well balanced for a high gravity beer. It was a real treat trying this beer and we can’t thank Eric enough for scooping us a up a bottle.