BEER – Founders Brewing Company, All Day IPA


I can’t remember the exact article I read back in January, but I do remember one of the key points it made was about beer trends within the craft beer scene. One of the trends mentioned in the article was barrel aging and the other was session beers.Lets face it, not everybody wants to drink 10% imperial styled beers, let alone go out to a bar for a night and not be able to stand up off your stool after a few pints. You want to be able to enjoy yourself and have conversation, all while enjoying a pint, without being that drunk guy.

Craft breweries are seeing the interest in session beers and that real beer drinkers want to have more of these low ABV, high flavor options when they are the bar or picking up a 6 pack to bring out on the boat for the day. Although it may seem like it, session beers are not exactly a new trend. These type of beers have been served in pubs around England for decades.

Founders has come out with their answer to the “American style” session ale and it is called All Day IPA. This particular brew is all about the hops, staying true to the American craft style. Coming in at just 4.7%, this golden hued ale has just a slight touch of bitterness, backed by a little bit of sweet malt, with a lighter mouth feel making for a refreshing ale that goes down easy anytime. We look forward to what the rising trend of session ales will bring to the market as beers like this continue to gain momentum. Keep an eye out for this one in 12-pack cans coming sometime this summer, making it a beer you can truly bring out for your favorite activities.