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Bend Brew Daddy
A few weeks back I got this great calendar in from my friend Matt Ward aka Bend Brew Daddy. A father of one, and a true craft beer enthusiast, he is heavily active in his local beer scene in Central Oregon and does a lot for his local community.

Bend Brew Daddy 2
His passion for craft beer led him to start Bend Brew Daddy. Taking breath taking photos of the deliscious suds he consumes, he has made quite a name for himself on instagram and his beer peers in Bend.

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Bend Brew Daddy 5

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One thing snow balls into another, Matt has teamed up with local breweries to put together a calendar with his photography to benefit some causes that are near and dear to he and his family.

Bend Brew Daddy 7

Bend Brew Daddy 8
The calendar features some of his best shots.

Bend Brew Daddy 9
Even information on upcoming events throughout the central Oregon region.

Bend Brew Daddy
I can’t give too much away of what this calendar has to offer, but if you love craft beer and good causes, hit the link below to order up one yourself so you to can grace your wall with Matt’s beer porn. Thanks for sending this out Matt, talk to you soon buddy.

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