Finback Brewery 6
Located the quiet neighbor of Glendale in Queens, is Finback Brewery. Opened earlier this year, Basil and Kevin have made quite a name for them selves in NYC, turning out delicious hop forward ales, saisons, and smoked beers. With their tasting room just opened in May, there is plenty of beers flowing, and much to see at Queen’s newest brewery. Having had a few of their beers out at TAP-NY, it was a no brainer that I pay these guys a visit on my way back from Long Island last week.

Finback Brewery 28

Finback Brewery 27
The brewery has a 25 barrel brew house that will allow them to grow over the next few years.

Finback Brewery 26
For now they have three 30 barrel fermenters that will allow them to make about 1,000 barrels this year. As you can see from the picture above, there is much room to expand at Finback. The brewery can easily fit another six 30 barrel fermenters, and another bright tank.

Finback Brewery 23
Since there was nothing on the brew schedule for the day, assistant brewer, Pete Lengyel was getting some kegs ready to fill.

Finback Brewery 15

Finback Brewery 14

Finback Brewery 13

After taking a tour of the brew area, some barrels caught my eye, and ultimately led to more geeky conversations. With the barrels in the country becoming a hot commodity, Basil and Kevin are doing their best to source as much as the can for their program, including wine barrels found at some of the local vineyards on Long Island.

Finback Brewery 1Walking around breweries makes you thirsty. We headed back to the tasting area to try some of their hand crafted ales. The bar has a killer look with hand made wood handles, and white marble. Some say they bit off Torst, but who really cares? I know I don’t.

Finback Brewery 32All the beers are displayed nicely on a mirror above the taps. Prices and sizes are listed as well to let the drinker know.

Finback Brewery 2 Not every brewery you go too has eleven beers on at once. Finback most certainly has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a sour like their Plumb & Proper, or a refreshing Saison like Meow Meow.

Finback Brewery 4

I tried everything they had and still by the end of the day, the beer that stood out the most was En Verano, a Wit Bier with jalapenos and citrus. Just the right amount of heat, and a damn good beer for the summer.

Finback Brewery 10Co-owner, and brewer Kevin Stafford

Finback Brewery 11Co-Owner, and brewer Basil Lee

Finback Brewery 30

Need a souvenir? Hats, t-shirts, glassware, and growlers are all available for purchase.

Finback Brewery 8

After about three hours of talking the ears off Basil, and Kevin, I decided to let them get back to work. It was a blast checking out Finback, and we wish them the best of luck here at I Drink Good Beer. The beers are fantastic, and the guys behind them are in it for the right reasons. If you are interested in checking them out, they recently updated their tasting room hours and have tours at 3pm every Saturday. Finback will also be at Captain Lawrence Sour Fest, September 13th. Pouring up their Berliner Weiss, Star Child as well as Plumb & Proper. Cheers, Basil, Kevin, and Pete. Thanks for having me out and letting me sample some of NY’s finest.


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