Thursday morning remains in memory a pleasant series of experiences, except for when we locked ourselves out of the apartment. Brian and I woke early to tag along on his cousin David’s (admittedly leisurely) commute into the hills outside San Diego. It was our first glimpse of the city by daylight, having arrived the night before, and it was truly something to behold. Once we were in control of our own fates (behind the wheel), we made haste for the recently opened Green Flash Brewing Company facility. Damn glad we did – it was easily one of the highlights of our trip.

Nestled amongst an ambiguous mess of corporate parks, the Green Flash Brewing Co. facility stands proud with a clean and inviting front. We parked and moseyed about the area for some photographs.

Tasting room? Don’t mind if I do.

Beer as art.

Everything you need to know, at a glance. Brian and I sat at the Tasting Room bar for quite a while after our tour. Even some time now I am still inclined to tell you all directly that I felt the Double Stout was an outstanding drink – not to say that any of the rest didn’t impress. I recall Brian was raving about the 30 Street Pale Ale and I liked that one as well.

Dave Adams, Tasting Room Manager and our tour guide for the day. Equal parts friendly and knowledgeable, he has been involved with the Company since some time before the building had opened for business. Before the tour we indulged ourselves with some product samples.

The saison was very refreshing – light and flavorful.

First stop on the tour was the outdoor lounge. San Diegans live in some kind of year-round fair-weather fantasy. I can confirm that while we we were there, it was really nice out most of the time. Get your shit together, New Jersey.

Ingredients galore. Lots and lots of pallets loaded with hops and various other implements of beer wizardry.

The mill. Like everything else there, well maintained and impressive in scope.

One of the many fermenters.

Live fermentation – science!

Here we have one of the touch-screen control panels seen throughout the building. The employees there that morning were more than willing to show Brian and I how they can monitor and control the entire fermentation process using the latest technology.

Ye olde keg wash station.

Keg filling station – note the octopus totem.

Bottling Line for both 12 and 22 ounce bottles.

Lots of barrel aging going here. In several cases some diabolical beer cross-breeding happening, the result of which being some outstanding liquid satisfaction.

The fine minds at Green Flash established this brewing facility this past June and are gearing up to expand in a big way. As it stands, we only receive a few of their brews back home in New Jersey. The distribution door is about to be blown wide open. I hope you’re thirsty, all you lovers of good beer across the nation.