The holidays are almost over and with the New Year just a few days away, we realized we still have a ton of holiday brews and winter seasonals that have yet to be mentioned. One of those beers comes to us from Lagunitas – a little brew they call Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale. Of course Lagunitas does not suck, and while some of my friends thought this was a publicity stunt to get more people to buy their beer, I assure you that this is not the case.

Just in case you haven’t read up on your beer news, Lagunitas provides the full scoop on Sucks Holiday Ale and why we aren’t seeing Brown Shugga this year.

Now I love Brown Shugga; I wait like an anxious child for it to come around every year and while I was a little saddened that we aren’t getting this year, I found lots of comfort in this freshly brewed substitute. If Christmas was to be bottled for the masses, Holiday Ale would be it. Sweet, piney and fruity, it’s an easy drinking brew and full of flavor, from the rye and wheat in the grain bill to the generous amounts of hops used in brewing and dry hopping. Yes, this was a limited release, but those that missed out on this brew will have a second chance to grab some. Unable to brew Hairy Eyeball this year with the damaged brew house, Lagunitas whipped up another batch of Sucks calling it Holiday Left Overs. While no one likes sloppy seconds I think an exception can be made for Lagunitas and this fantastic beer. I almost wish we could see this as a year-round offering.