Now that Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head have re-released Life & Limb I am compelled to share a story that happened way before the days of I Drink Good Beer. It was around Christmas time and I had just got word from my cousin that his distributor had received a case of Life and Limb. My cousin knows I’m a beer drinker and lets me know when they get special cases like this. Naturally I told him to hold the case for me as I could pick up 2 days later on my way to West Virginia for an event. Fast forward to the weekend, Jared and I are an hour away from the distributor and my cousin calls and says “I know you didn’t get the case and not leave your cousin a bottle.” I said “dude I’m still an hour away.” I hear silence on the other end and my cousin says he will call back. When he does call back he informs me of another patron who caught wind of my case and scooped it up. That patron was nice enough to give the mis-informed employee one of the bottles which I in turn got for his huge mistake.

I brought the bottle back home and we did a little beer tasting at Adam’s old apartment.

Just the label had me anxious to crack the bottle open. It looks so fun and inviting.

We have been through too much anguish over this one bottle of beer so lets crack it.

Our main contributor, Jared, sniffs and smells the syrupy goodness and pairs it with an amp energy drink.

 Some cool signage Adam had up in his kitchen at the time.

Our culinary author at IDGB, Brandon, was also on hand to sample this East Coast West Coast collaboration.

This beer was truly good till the last drop. I stated above that I Drink Good Beer was pretty much a brain fart in 2009. We had an idea for a beer blog but no name to it. That night I said to Adam “these pics are for the beer blog when ever we start it.” This is the first I Drink Good Beer post that was ever documented so I am happy I saved these pictures to share with you. It makes me think about how far craft beer has gone in the past two years. What I thought was a one off brew has been reintroduced and I can’t wait to share more Life & Limb content with the rest of you.


Sierra Nevada

Dogfish Head