The only beer store worth highlighting on our recent trip to Delaware was R&L Liquors. While most stores in the area are slinging macro light lager to it’s beach residents. R&L has been putting craft beer in their hands since the 90’s.

R&L Liqours 2

R&L Liqours 1

Right down the street from the Dogfish Head Inn, this local bottle shop has been family owned for more than a few decades and has one of the best selections in the area.

R&L Liqours 4

The small store has your standard wine and liquor but it’s the beer selection that will surprise you here.

R&L Liqours 15

Everything from cans to bottles are hidden in the back left corner and your options are vast with everything from beers to ciders. You can even mix a six pack.

R&L Liqours 17

R&L Liqours 18

Do you like sours? We visited a few stores down here and didn’t see any cool bottles from Mikkeller, Jolly Pumpkin or Prarie. There was funky beers from all over the world on this shelf. We could have easily dropped hundreds here. 

R&L Liqours 12

More beers. Some things might stick around but for the most part they keep the beer moving here and at a fair price point to boot.

R&L Liqours 10

Looking for that hard to get Allagash? You will find a few here.

R&L Liqours 9

This was one of the first places Dogfish Head was sold. It’s only natural that they have a nice section for them as well as their other local beers.

Tom R&L Liqours

Say hi to Tom. If you shop here, you know this man very well. If I were you I would come here with some trade bait. Tom will gladly barter with you. We traded him some Other Half for a Wicked Weed sour.

R&L Liqours 13

He loves to show off his canned whales.

R&L Liqours 3

A bold statement but one that is true. This is the best bottle shop we have been to in Delaware and I would love for someone to prove us wrong. Thanks to everyone at R&L for showing us around and letting us spread the word of their great beer store. Cheers.