The Stibinger Brothers decided to brew two versions of their white ale and let the public determine which version was the preferred – a throw down if you will.

On a flawless Saturday in July, waterfront on Lake Hopatcong was an appropriate setting for the throw down. The guys picked KaBob’s restaurant which has outdoor seating, a sizable downstairs pub, and one of the better draft selections on the lake. I couldn’t think of a better establishment in the area to hold a throw down at.

Gabor and Adam Stibinger with game faces on ready to pour! The kegs were tapped and pouring without flaw.

Above is the spec sheet for White Ale Version A – a pretty typical white ale, but a little thin in body compared to Version B.

Version A in the glass.

All the patrons seemed to be enjoying the freshly brewed white ales..I Drink Good Beer and Stibinger stickers were going like hot cakes.

No shortage of good beer drinkers at this event. Caught this guy rocking a sweet Flying Fish shirt.

Version B Spec Sheet – Another great example of a white ale. Although, a bit hoppier and more body than version A thanks to the citrus hops and flaked barley. This is the first time I’ve had a beer with “Falconer’s Flight” hops – HopUnion’s proprietary blend of Pacific Northwest “C” hops honoring Glen Hay Falconer, a legend in the Pacific Northwest brewing world.

Version B in the glass

I would call it a road soda but, he arrived by kayak. Gabor asked him if it was possible to get a KUI.

By the end of the day, all the kegs were dry leaving those who arrived late a little bit disappointed. Although, those who were able to get a taste of both “A” and “B” filled out a survey resulting in the majority of drinkers that day leaning towards Version A.

Another successful tasting with the Stibinger Brothers in the books… There’s talk of a black IPA and a rye infused hefeweizen in the works. Stay tuned for more from these guys in the near future.