I just got back half an hour ago from another phenomenal event: the release of Victory Dark Intrigue. Dark Intrigue is the Storm King Stout, with the added benefit of being brewed and spending all summer in bourbon barrels – which creates one of the most amazing limited-release beers available. Brewer Jordon Sunseri was in charge of the whole operation, paying close attention and making Dark Intrigue the best possible. Speaking on the phone with him the other night, he was very excited for the release and assured me that this year’s batch is a lot better then last year’s. After hearing that, I couldn’t have been more excited for what was happening today. 

Three hundred people showed up from all over to partake in the day’s activities, and hailed from origins near and far – from New York, to Georgia, and even North Carolina. I heard of one guy that drove all the way from Richmond, Virginia, to sit in line and study for a test while he waited for his share of Dark Intrigue. This kind of enthusiasm just goes to show you the impact craft beer is having currently. I am finding more and more die hard craft beer fans go above and beyond to get that most exclusive brew and I’m happy to have shared this day with a few of them.

I got there around 9:30, acquired my wrist band and secured a spot in this massive line. Once given the wrist band and this sweet information card, I was free to roam around and see what else was happening.

They always say, “The early bird catches the worm.” People were waiting as early as 6:30am.

One Village Coffee was on hand to supply coffee and breakfast treats free of charge. Every fall, One Village brews a collaboration beer with Victory called Village Brown. I’ll have to get out there and try it next year as it’s a draft only available at the restaurant.

It was nearing the witching hour of 11:30am and the clouds rolled in, making everyone bust out an umbrella or head to the hills.

The rain eventually stopped and the flood gates opened. Every minute some one was walking out with a case or a few bottles.

On top of cases and bottles being sold, Victory was selling off all the barrels for 40 bucks. Not a bad deal but you also had to figure out the logistics of getting it in and out of your car.

I was number 212 out of the 300-something wrist bands. It was about two hours until I was finally inside to secure my case of Dark Intrigue.

Case secured. It was worth the wait in line and every penny if you ask me.

I have never waited in line for something so long before and I am glad I had this experience. It leaves me wondering if other breweries around here will start doing special releases like this. The West Coast gets to have fun with releases from The Bruery and Russian River and it’s about time the East takes note of what Victory has done here today. Thanks to Karen, Kelly, Paula and the rest of the staff for controlling the chaos today. The event couldn’t have gone any smoother thanks to your organization. I hope your neighbors aren’t too mad about the parking. For those that missed today, I am sorry to say that this will be the last release of Dark Intrigue for quite a while, so if you were lucky enough to get some this year you better cherish and hold on to them because it really is something special.


One Village Coffee