Being just outside the greatest city in the world, living in North Jersey, I have access to some of the greatest beer bars and great breweries. With the site being up over a year I can’t believe we haven’t touched on anything from Brooklyn Brewery yet. A few weeks ago I missed out on a trip to Brooklyn but my good friend  brought me home some nice glassware and some bombers of their corked brews.

Loving dark beers, I decided to crack Brooklyn Local 2. Coming in at 9% ABV, this brew is bottle conditioned and booming with flavor.

I don’t need to sit here and write about how the beer tastes. The description on the back of the bottle says it all. As I say time and time again that I am not a fan of Belgian styles, but recently, I find myself opening up to more of these brews  made with Belgian yeasts.

Brooklyn Brewery no doubt makes some of the best craft beer in the east and Local 2 did not disappoint. I will dive more into this brewery more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!