Before we inundate our site with all the impending winter and christmas beers we love so much, I wanted to share one last pumpkin beer with you all. Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin is one the best pumpkin brews around. Available in late September, you will be lucky if you see any in the stores around here by the beginning of October. Tells you something, doesn’t it.

Smashed Pumpkin is a very tasty beer. It’s almost as if they bottled a freshly baked pumpkin pie. All of the beer’s ingredients work well together, from the hops to the pumpkin and nutmeg. They all come together to make a nice, spicy yet fruity beer to enjoy for the fall. It is a little on the sweet side and would probably be best served as a dessert beer, but you could enjoy it any time really. The label on the bottle recommends cooking a variety dishes with Smashed Pumpkin – from lamb to stew. Even dessert recipes can find a use for this fantastic brew. That will wrap it up on the pumpkin beers this season; we look forward to plugging up some of our favorite winter beers, so stay tuned.

Shipyard Brewing Company