In this great state of Colorado there are a lot of very good breweries; some really big, some really small.  I live in Golden, home to the largest single brewery in the world (one that I’m not really a fan of).  Fortunately, this makes it kind of a beer town.  The first happy hour in town starts at 7am.  Just for the night shift folks at Coors.  But Golden also has one other brewery, the Golden City Brewery.  Their slogan is “The second largest brewery in Golden”.  Pretty funny considering they’re second to the largest in the world, but is actually one of the smallest in the state.

They’ve got a great line up of beers and because they’re so small they rotate things out a lot,  which is awesome.  There’s something different on special every time I’m there.   Almost always on tap are a gold, a red, brown, stout, and my personal favorite, the IPA.  I couldn’t get my hands on their Evolution IPA so I picked up a couple 22’s of Mad Molly’s Brown Ale.  The graphic on the bottle is a drawing of Molly Brown, the American Socialite that lived a good portion of her life in Colorado. I’m pretty into browns and this is one I generally keep stocked in the fridge.  Especially now that it’s cooling off a bit I find myself drinking a lot of darker beers.  It’s not a particularly heavy brown so I can have a few without feeling too full.  Its style is that of typical northern English brown ales.  Great malty smoothness with a nice chocolately undertone.  It pours a medium brown with a hint of redness.  Smells great, kind of sweet.  It’s mostly malty in flavor, but the small amount of hops you get definitely help to balance it.  Very drinkable.

GCB’s, as it’s called in town, is definitely a chill place.  The local, laid back environment makes it a very unique joint.  If you happen to be in Golden to take the tour of Coors (which is why most people visit Golden) just make sure you stop at GCB’s afterwards for a pint at Golden’s best brewery.

Golden City Brewing