Troegs Craft Brewery - Hop Knife - IPA 3

It’s harvest time for hops, and a lot of breweries are putting out their take on what a harvest ale should be. Troegs has come up with one that is so damn delicious, it needs to be made year round. All I have been reading, and hearing on untappd is “this is what Nugget Nectar should be” “Damn this is good” and “I think this is the best beer they have ever made.” While I agree with all those statements, it is tough for a brewery to get fresh hops like this all the time, thus hindering them from making a dank beer like this all year long, and we should enjoy this one for what it is. Continue reading “TROEGS BREWING HOP KNIFE”


New Belgium Fat Tire

While I was westward a few weeks ago, I attended a nice backyard BBQ to celebrate some birthdays. As usual, I was tasked with bringing some beer for the party. A six pack of refreshing Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was an obvious purchase, but I was looking for something else to bring that was easy drinking. Now I have only ever had Fat Tire on draft once, and I usually pass up the bottles in the store for my favorite New Belgium brew – Ranger IPA. Not on this trip however. As I perused the the small cold box of the shoddy gas station I noticed a twelve pack of Fat Tire cans. Array