New Belgium Fat Tire

While I was westward a few weeks ago, I attended a nice backyard BBQ to celebrate some birthdays. As usual, I was tasked with bringing some beer for the party. A six pack of refreshing Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was an obvious purchase, but I was looking for something else to bring that was easy drinking. Now I have only ever had Fat Tire on draft once, and I usually pass up the bottles in the store for my favorite New Belgium brew – Ranger IPA. Not on this trip however. As I perused the the small cold box of the shoddy gas station I noticed a twelve pack of Fat Tire cans. Seeing that it was the only one there I wasted no time in swooping it beneath my arm to  bring to the register. Having cans of Fat Tire this time around versus a pint on draft was night and day. Out of the can it is fresh, crisp, and chock full of flavor, and coming in at around 5% abv it was the perfect session beer for that warm California afternoon. One can only hope New Belgium will enter into the Jersey market soon bringing all these fantastic brews from Colorado. I know myself and a few others will be more than pleased for its arrival.

New Beligum