ENJOY AFTER 12.26.15


MAKER: Stone Brewing Company – Escondido, California
STYLE: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7%

NOTES: Well Stone wasn’t wrong when they made this one. It was very enjoyable and I almost regret cracking it open. You may ask why and I’ll tell you that the brett in this beer has just started to take hold and will only get better as time roles on. If you have a bunch of these, sit on a few and drink them here and there to see how the progress. I would be curious to see how this thing tastes in six years.

Thanks to my buddy Dale over at Beer Track Mind for sending this one over. I am going to go bother him now to find me another bottle. Cheers.

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015-6

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015-5

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015-2

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015-4

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015-3

Stone Enjoy After 12 26 2015-7


Our friend from the distant state of California Johnson Liv sent me this awesome flick he put together for Crave Online. It’s a neat piece interviewing founder and brew master of Hanger 24 Brewery, Ben Cook. What I really like about this film is the incorporation of the aviation theme that compliments Hanger 24’s story very well. Enjoy the film as it takes you from from a plane ride around Redlands California to every aspect of Hanger 24’s facility. It’s most certainly not a film to miss.