What do you do when you get a text from a beer buddy to crack some cans and bottles? You call other friends and get a nice bottle share going to ring in the weekend. Last week I sat down with my friend Henry and a few others to dive into a bunch of stouts and a few other things along the way.

Beers With Henry

Beers With Henry-2

Sierra Nevada – 30th Anniversary Fritz and Kens Stout

Beers With Henry-7

Beers With Henry-8

Ninkasi Brewing Company – Noir

Beers With Henry-10

Broken Goblet – Irregulars, Coffee Cream Ale

Beers With Henry-15

Other Half Brewing Company – We’ve Been Out There In Orbit

Beers With Henry-14

Pizza Boy Brewing – Grasslands

Beers With Henry-12

Beers With Henry-11

Wicked Weed Brewing – French Toast

Beers With Henry-23

Beers With Henry-21

Nebraska Brewing Company – Black Betty, Imperial Stout



Beers With Henry-18

Evil Twin Brewing – Aun Mas Cafe Jesus

Beers With Henry-24

Noda Brewing Company – Coco Loco

Beers With Henry-27