hipster ale 1Hipsters are a breed of creature that tend to elicit mixed responses from the masses – admiration (perhaps), bemusement, even outrage. I for one believe there is a little hipster in all of us. Any time you have ever protested or refused conform to the norm, is in fact an out-flowing of your inner hipster essence. That’s science. Upon a recent venture to Brooklyn in NYC I took a trip to Bierkraft to sit down and have a few pints. I also had some packaged goods on the mind. Bierkraft has an awesome selection of bottles to grab out of their cold cases and sometimes decisions can be tough. There are bottles and cans from around the world; common beers, rare beers, and weird beers fill the cases and shelves, essentially a liquid Mecca for any beer nerd out there. Continue reading “EVIL TWIN BREWING HIPSTER ALE”